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Hasnabad: Burial place of the 46th Imam
of the Ismaili Shias along with his few
other family members (We were not allowed
to go inside or take pictures)

Click below to read on the 46th Imam Hasan Ali Shah:
Nizari Ismaili 46th Imam Aga Khan I - Hasan Ali Shah












Above at KSIJ Arambaug Kabrastan
(Discussion: The Contribution of Early Khojas
of Late 19th Century)

Click below to view two online YouTube videos
taken in  and around the Arambaug Kabrastan:
Safar-e-Ehsas-e-Karbala 2018

Khandak At Arambaug (Khoja Kabrastan)

Our first group picture. For details of names,
refer to the Main Page



Above at Gateway of India

Click below to read On:
Gateway of India

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Click here to view photos of the inside Taj Hotel
when Jaffer Manek made a point to stay there
a few days after end of our trip







Click above to view videos - at Gateway
and enjoying yummy coconut drink 



Heading with big crowds towards crazy
line-up for the popular boat ride 





Above scenes from the boat ride




From our boat ride


Highlight of the Day!
Debate on the preservation of Gujarati
language and KH history lecture, by our
one and only, Shaykh Kumail Rajani.




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