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KHP India Tour Report - December 2018

KHT Handbook - December 2018

KHT Daily Reflections - December 2018

Last Year KHT Handbook - January 2018

KHT Website for Pictures updates 2019

The Birth of the World Federation - 1976

Our hotel in Mumbai - Comfort Inn Heritage

Mulla Qadir Husain Sahib Karbalai

Alhajj Javed R. Shroff, Managing Trustee
of Habib Esmail Education Trust

Mumbai's clock towers

Nizari Ismaili 46th Imam Aga Khan I - Hasan Ali Shah

The Aga Khan Case - Religion and Identity in Colonial India

Wikipedia Audio Article "Division of Bohras"

Gateway of India

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Bhuj's Kutch Museum

Bhuj's Prag Mahal Palace

Bhuj Tourist Guide

Kera - Ghulam Ali Dargah Shrine

Mandvi's 400-year-old dhow-making

Parveen Bahen's Umme Kulsum Trust


Article on Jaffer Manek's grandfather








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