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Enjoying classical Indian breakfast
at our Regenta Resort hotel



Heading out to Kutch Museum (the oldest Museum
of Gujarat) and Aina Mahal (18th century palace
of marble walls with bronze lace and glass)


Amazing Tuk Tuk ride to Kutch Museum. Tuk Tuk is a
three-wheeler, common as Mumbai urban transport
and only allowed in designated areas and
not allowed in southern Mumbai city.



Waiting outside Museum and posing with Azizbhai
Kothari and the typical Zanzibari and pure Swahili
speaking, Alhajj Aunalibhai Salemohamed.

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Kothari at Kutch Museum


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Kutch Museum







Above some of the examples (very lifelike) of tribal cultures displayed at the Museum





Crowds at Prag Mahal

Above at Prag Mahal Palace.
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Bhuj's Prag Mahal Palace













Visited Ghulam Ali Shah Dargah (Shrine) and
discussed the legacy of early Peers of the
Satpanth tradition and visited a 250 year old
graveyard of Khoja Ismailis and KSI. We then
proceeded to Kera Mosque and Jamat for Zohr
prayers where two buildings were replicas
of the shrines of Imam Husayn (A.S.)
and Hazrat Abbas (A.S.).

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Ghulam Ali Dargah Shrine













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Mandvi's 400-year-old dhow-making



At the Mandvi Ship building industry


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