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Photos Provided By: Nasir Fazal
E-MAIL: nasirfazal@gmail.com

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The big old tree in front of MD Kermalli's is still there - only it's got bigger!

MD Kermalli's building in Zanzibar...remember the famous roundabout island (on the left)!

Msikiti ya Jumaa side of MD Kermalli's building.

The roundabout at Funguni near our house has become a fish market and there appears to be another building there also. CGA factory can be seen in the background. When I asked about CGA factory I was told it is not used at all and it looks in ruins. You can see in the picture, the windows are all broken! The place is a sorry state!

Front part of our house - CGA Funguni and our garden - well...what's left of it! A big TV dish now overlooks!

The house in the middle is our house as viewed from the back (near Mamake Hawa's side).

At Mamake Hawa's home - behind our house in Funguni

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