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Photos Provided By: Nasir Fazal
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View from my grandmother (Bibi i.e. Mrs.MD Kermalli - "Fatu Tendee")'s upper floor balcony. I was able to get access to the house which is now occupied by an Indian family.

My grandmother Bibi's sitting room that leads to kitchen looks so different. The ceiling fan is different! The kitchen has been sealed off! It's from the kitchen window that she used to lower her basket/keys to let you in!

Back Street of MD Kermali building where we used to play marbles..... My daughter sits on the baraza where the old man Ramadhani used to sleep! We used to help the old man thread string into thin needles holes for his regular stitching work which he did most of the day!

Dukani kwa Ma Neena (Genabai) - H D Kermali back Street - where we used to wait while playing games and also Kidandi! Oh memories! memories! Amazing my kids, who were with me on this trip, did not lose patience at my insistence of taking all these street pictures (-as Ibrahim Jaffer calls it "chochoro"!).

MD Kermalli's front door

Msikiti Jumaa as viewed from MD Kermalli's front door. Ahead leads to Maghawani (coffee and "mandazi" shop), "Karagosi" shop and then to Mansur's and the Barber shops.


The old Majanini area - views from near TOM office

This is our Kinyozi(Barber)'s place (building on the left) - near Mansur's shop (in front i.e. building on the right). We are 4 brothers that had haircuts every month. The last brother to show up for the haircut would normally settle with the barber the full amount!


At Chaqpar's shop/house and Ibrahim Jaffer (our Funguni neighbour) passing by!


This house in Malindi facing "Mamake Sudi's house"(Ruwehii family) (near a Sunni mosque) is I think where all of us children were born - thus my birth place!

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