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 2020  June - Tribute to Marhum Mulla Abdulhussein M Valli
 2020  June - Tribute to AlHaj Mustafa G. R. Jaffer
 2020  June - Tribute to Al-Haj Abdulrasul Bhalloo (Dachoo)
 2020 May - A Tribute To Mu'alim - Abdulrasul Bandali
 History of Khojas Slide Show by Hasnain Walji
Africa Federation: Haji Dewji Jamal - 200 years have passed
Marhoom Alhaj Muallim Ahmed Issa Hasham
 "A tribute to my mother" by Abdulrazak Fazal
  Alhaj Mulla Asger M M Jaffer by Hassan A M Jaffer (Mombasa)
"Who Is Dr. Who?"  - Marhum Hussein Hassanali Ahmed Hussein
Alidina Visram, Varas - 1851-1916

 July 2020 - Updated Kerabhai Kassamali Gulamhussein Peera's "Ithna-Asheri Jaher Thaya" and "A Federation That Was Still Born"
 Jan 2011 - Shaukat Moloo's chronicles while in Daressalaam
 on 12 most illustrative personalities of the Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri communities
 in Toronto Star June 2002 on Salim Sachedina
in The Times of India re: Zanzibar's Desis
Mohamed A. A. Khalfan on Family Tree
Karim Bharij on "East African Indians".
Klaus de Albuquerque's "Colonial Kenya - a radically stratified society"
Khatib Rajab Al-Zinjibari's "In Search Of Ethnic Identity Through...."

 on Abdul Sheriff
 on Hussein Dharsi
 History of Matam Baharani Zanzibar by Mujtaba Marashi



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