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OTHERS - 1950s and 1960s - Page 1


The Faize Ithnashery Night School-Zanzibar-That spreaded the light (religious studies) through the entire Khoja Shia world from the tiny island of Zanzibar. What we witness the present Maddressas in our centers, the Faize, was the root.


The Faize Ithnashery Night School-Zanzibar Teachers and Special Class Student. The photograph was taken on the eve of departure of Maulana Seyyid Jabir Hassan for Ziarat on 7th November 1952.

Sitting on the ground L to R : Jaffer Boga, Yusuf Alidina, Abdulhusein Nathani and Gulam Kara.

Sitting from L to R : Gulamhusein Peera, Abass Tejani, Mohamedhusein Tejani, Maalim Mohammed Jivraj, Maalim Raza Nathani, Seyyid Jabir Hassan, Agha Mehdi, Maalim Miya, Mohamedhusein Lalji, Maalim Najaf and Akber Thawer.

Standing from L to R: Baker Nathani, Ahmed Bhaloo, Jaffer Tejani, Mohamedali Juma, Golo Saleh, Maalim Ahmed Issa, Mohammed Khalfan, Mohamedhusein Kermali, Baker Tejani and Yusuf Sheriff Dewji.

Teachers And Special Class Students Of Faize Ithnashery Night School picture taken on 7th November 1952 in Zanzibar.

Sitting from L to R : Maalim Najaf, Maalim Mohammed Jivraj, Maalim Raza Rashid Nathani, Seyyid Jabir Hassan, Maalim Miya, Maalim Gulamhusein Peera and Maalim Ahmed Issa.

Standing First Row L to R : Mohamedhusein Tejani, Akber Thawer, Yusuf Alidina, Kassamali Chandoo, Kassamali Versi, Yusuf Aloo, Abdulhusein Sheriff Dewji, Ahmed Dhalla, Gulam Kara and Jaffer Boga.

Standing 2nd Row L to R : Baker Tejani, Mohsin Dharmsi and Abdulhusien Nathani.

Teachers and Students of Faize Night School-Zanzibar photograph taken in September 1963.

Sitting from L to R : Maalim Najaf Tejani, Agha Mehdi,Mohsin Alidina, Maalim Mohammed Jivraj and Maalim Gulamhusein Peera.

Standing First Row L to R : Ahmed Abdulrahab, Amir Meghji, Nisar Dhalla, Akber Dhalla(Hidden), Mohamedali Juma, Gulamhusein N.Dhalla, Rhemtulla Rhemtulla, Hassan M. Fazal, Maalim Kassam, Maalim Abass Tejani Mohammed Sultan and Amir Rhemtulla(Mamuhariri).

1958 Group photograph: Ithnasheri Gymkhana-Zanzibar and Ithnasheri Cricket Team-Tanga at Bohora Gymkhana Ground Tanga.

Standing from L to R: Abdulrahman, Amir Nasser, Jaffer Peera, Amir Yusuf, Asgher Peera, Babu Sherali, Ahmed Juma, ?????, Yusuf Nathoo, Yusuf Juma, Bashir Nasser, M.Raza Mamdani and N. Samat (Umpire).

Sitting from L to R: Akber Kassamali(Tamu), Jaffer Somji(Tanga-Captain), Gulamhusein Ismail(Golo Mshamba-Zanzibar Captain), Anwer Tharoo(Chairman-Tanga), Mohamedhusein M.D.Kermali(Chairman-Zanzibar), Kassim Manji, Baker Tejani and Rashid.

Siting on the ground from L to R: Sherali Mamdani, Gulammehdi Datoo, Akber Dedhar, Aunali Chandoo, Amir Somji, Babu Walji and Ashiq Taki.


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