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DAY  4     FRIDAY     AUGUST 31, 2018
07:30hrs    Breakfast
08:30hrs    Depart hotel with bus to visit Mt of Olives.
                  Drive to Jericho – Mount of Temptation;
                  Nabi Musa grave, Hisham’s Palace; Wadi
                  Qelt See Jordan River – place of baptism
13:00hrs    Lunch at Temptation Restaurant Jericho
                  Visit & swim in the Dead Sea
19:00hrs     Dinner at National Hotel JLM


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DAY 4 - FRIDAY AUGUST 31, 2018 - PAGE 2

Site where John the Baptist
(Nabi Yahya ibn Zakariya A.S.) baptized Christ A.S.
It's a boarder with Jordon. Area is is in Jericho,
more than 600m below sea level 

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The Jordon border is in the middle of the river.
Those people seen on the other side of the
water are in Jordon.






Click here to view Bwana Mehdi Sheraly
really baptizing himself





Click here to view some of the ladies
getting baptized in the River Jordan,
born again better Muslims


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Heading to Dead Sea for swimming





Zohr prayers before heading out to the beach
for swimming in the Dead Sea






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