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Useful book (obtained free online) on Jerusalem

Useful Map on Jerusalem

Website of our Jerusalem hotel
- National Jerusalem Hotel

Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque

The amazing 40 hadith relating to
Al Masjid Al Aqsa

Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock mosque

Jerusalem's Western/Buraq Wall

Church of the Holy

Mount Carmel, Baha'i Faith and Shrine of the Bab

Room of the Last Supper

King David (Dawood A.S.) Tomb

Nabi Ibrahim A.S. 
("Khalil Allah i.e. Friend of Allah" )  


Vehicle registration plates of Israel

The Church/Basilica of the Nativity
in the West Bank

Maqam En-Nabi Musa A.S. near Jericho.

Baptism of Jesus

Khan al-Umdan

Nazareth's Greek Orthodox Church
of the Annunciation

Al Khidr "Teacher of the Prophet - Sayyidina" 

Israeli City of Tiberias


John the Baptist (Nabi Yahya A.S.)


Isra and Mi'raj - from Al-Aqsa mosque,
where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
ascended to the Heavens.


Dead Sea








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