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DAY  2     WEDNESDAY     AUGUST 29, 2018     
07:30hrs    Breakfast
08:30hrs    Depart hotel for walking tour of Old City
                  of Jerusalem including Al Aqsa, Dome of the
                  Rock, al-Buraq wall; view Western Wall etc.
13:00hrs    Lunch: Armenian Restaurant
                 Visit Church of the Holy Sepulchres, Via Dolorosa,
                 mosque of  Omar, shopping in   Jerusalem
19:00hrs    Dinner at Hotel National JLM


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Breakfast at National Jerusalem hotel




On the 2nd Day, back at hotel from Fajr prayers
 for amazing full breakfast before heading
out for walking tour of the Old City.

On walking tour - fruit stalls on the way
to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Anyone for mapera?
Didn't think so!


Street pavement in the Old City Jerusalem.
Heading towards our first stop at the two main
Mosques and it's surrounding areas with
our Tour Guide Abu Saeed.

Place where Mariyam A.S. prayed

Surrounding areas around the two Mosques
covered with Olive trees.

Olives Close up

Pausing outside the Dome of the Rock mosque
where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. prayed and
then heading inside the spectacular mosque.

Click below to view and listen to our Tour Guide
Abu Saeed inside Dome of the Rock mosque:
1st video
2nd video
3rd video showing inside of Mosque
4th video showing inside of Mosque

Click here to read more on the Jerusalem's
Dome of the Rock Mosque

Mosque named because of the above rock inside.


Gold in the Dome donated by King Hussein of Jordan


The Western Wall, Wailing Wall or Kotel, known in Islam
as the Buraq Wall. This is the other side of the Wall.



The place where the strands of the Prophet S.A.W.
hair is kept. Viewed only on certain days like
Laylatul Qadr 27th day of Ramadhan.


Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Mehrub where
he prayed inside Al-Aqsa.






Mehrub called Jesus A.S. and the other one
called Moses A.S. inside Al-Aqsa Mosque


One of the windows inside Al-Aqsa.


Nabi Zakaria A.S. is believed to have prayed here.
This is west side of the Al-Aqsa mosque.
He prayed for a son Nabi Yahya
(John the Baptist) A.S. according to Qur'an


Prophet Zakaria Mehrub.


Basement mosque at Al-Aqsa -
the other side of the Western Wall.
Click here to view video on the basement mosque

Click here to read Isra and Mi'raj - from inside
Al-Aqsa Mosque, where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
ascended to the Heavens.



  Click here to view video of the surrounding
areas (Al-haram Ash-Sharif) near the
Dome of The Rock mosque


Group Photo with the Dome on the background
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