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SPORTS - Club Level - TAGT Tournament Outside Tanzania - 1980s


TAGT Tournament

In the Quadrangular tournament in 1977 in Ndola and Lusaka we(USC members) had an opportunity of having close relations with the members of Metro S.C. and had discussions to have sports ties between two clubs. In 1978 Union traveled to Lusaka with the invitation of Metro S.C. to play cricket, volleyball and tennis and the following year Metro S.C. visited Daressalaam from the invitation of Union S.C.

This move prompted other clubs in East and Central Africa to join the group and in 1979 a sponsor Babubhai Tarmohamed from Nairobi donated the trophy. Earlier the tournament was known as Tarmohamed Muslim Trophy but latter on it changed to Tarmohamed Abdulghani Tournament whereby five clubs participated. The participating clubs were-:

1. Metro S.C. Lusaka

2. Mpingwe S.C. Blantyre

3. Union S.C. Daressalaam

4. Universal S.C. Harare

5. Universal S.C. Nairobi

The first tournament was hosted by Metro S. C. in Lusaka in 1980 and moved into venue rotations which resulted to 13 tournaments to have been played until 1990 which eventually came to standstill.

3 times hosted in Lusaka(1980, 1983 and 1987)

3 times hosted in Harare(1981, 1985 and 1988)

3 times hosted in Blantyre(April 1982, April 1986 and1990)

2 times hosted in Daressalaam(Dec. 1982 and Dec. 1986)

2 times hosted in Nairobi(1984 and 1989)

In TAGT tournament in Lusaka in 1980- match between Metro S.C. v/s Union S.C. which was won by Union.

Mohamed Nathoo and Bashir Tejani walk in after the victory. 

Players enjoying Barbecue Party during the TAGT tournament in Harare in 1981.

Mohamed Nathoo (left), looking at the chicken Husein Ahmed (Dr. Who) and extreme right Jimmy Peera

During the TAGT tournament in Daressalaam in December 1986.

Mohamed Nathoo receives the Best Batsman trophy of the tournament from Babubhai Tarmohamed, Raza Kara left on the top table.

During the TAGT tournament in Daressalaam in December 1986.

 Mohamed Nathoo (Captain for Union S.C.) receives the Runners-Up trophy from prominent business man from Lusaka, Yunus Badat(Team-Manager Metro S.C.) on the right at the top table.

Captains of the participating clubs in the TAGT tournament held in Daressalaam in December 1986.

From L to R: Inayat Bagas(Metro S.C.), Ali Shah(Universal S.C.-Harare), Mohamed Nathoo(Union S.C.)

Zahoor Sheikh(Universal S.C.-Nairobi) and Iqbal Gumrah(Mpingwe S.C.)

Group photograph: Union S.C. players/officials with their host Universal S.C. of Harare players/officials during the closing ceremony of TAGT tournament in Harare in 1981.

TAGT Tournament in Harare in 1981.

Standing from L To R : Umpire, Jimmy Peera(Scorer), Kazim Lakha, Hasnain Tejani, Murad Kermalli, Liakat Khimji, Sikander Fazal, Sajjad Lakha and Umpire.

Sitting from L to R : Amir Dedhar, Bashir Tejani, Shakir Sheraly(Captain), Murtaza Alidina(Chairman), Yusuf Kabana, Amir Yusuf and Mohammed Nathoo.

Murtaza Alidina (Chairman of Union S.C.) addressing the cricket squad after training session in Harare during the TAGT Tournament in 1981.


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