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Provided By: Jaffer Manek FCCA FCEA
Director, Affilica International

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Page 2 - Zanzibar Photos(con't)

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There are two hotels between the mosque and the street that leads to the market. The above first one is "Pearl Guest House" and Hassan A. P. Champsi is the Managing Director of it.

Tiny part of the blue hotel can be seen on the left - Chochoro leading towards the Darajani Market.

Miskiti Jumma - Mid-afternoon prayers just ended. Soon after, a covered coffin was carried out from inside the mosque. Many people lined the street to carry the coffin. I enquired and they said it was a famous footballer who had died, if I heard it correctly. (Abdulrazak Sheriff Fazal, in his comments signed in our guestbook, mentions that it must have been Zanzibar's star footballer of yester years, Shioni Mze). I went into this Sunni Masjid to do two rakaat prayers. They took their shoes inside and would put them on the ledge around the pillars inside and on windowsill. The mosque is rather threadbare inside, and rather simple as compared to our KSI mosque.

Sabil-e-Husein is the other side of the Junni mosque, opposite School Faize. . (Abdulrazak Sheriff Fazal, in his comments signed in our guestbook, mentions that "The school 'Fez' opposite the Sabil monument was built much later on, sometime in 1959. The original school 'Fez' is that old neglected building by the side of the mosque. There it was where the dissident movement gained ground. The devout Khojas(then Ismailis) absented themselves from the jamaatkhana and gathered there. They prayed namaaz, recited majlis and served 'nyaaz'. Eventually in 1882the first ever Khoja Ithnashri jamaat was formed in Zanzibar. Once the mosque was built by its side the building no more functioned as mosque but eventually in 1928 when it was transformed into a full fledged night school the consent of Sayed Abdul Hassan Isfahani had to be sought." )


Views in and around - the Ithna-Asheri Junni Mosque.

Two photos of mimbar. How ornate and antiquated those original features are. I wish I could go to that lovely mosque again and again. It has a wonderful atmosphere inside. The caretaker was saying at one stage there were 7,000 people using the mosque, now it is around 150 individuals left.

Entrance door to gents or ladies lecture hall. It was closed and so I could not go inside. What a lovely door, looks like the old original. Wow!

Two matungi and Hoze for ablutions to wash hands, face, etc before prayers. Don't you just love the Matungi! Notice no paper cups used either....

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