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 2020 August - Updated "Memoirs - Chapter 1 - Zanzibar"
 2020 August - Updated "Reminiscing Ramadan Time"
 2020 August - Updated "Reminiscing Eid Time"
 2020 August - Updated "Vaddi Bhajaar in Zanzibar"
2020 August - Updated "The Zanzibar Old Fort"
2020 August - Updated "Remembering Brother Sajjad Musa"
2020 August - Updated "The Khoja Muscati of Oman and Zanzibar"
2020 August - Updated "Zanzibar's School Fez"
 2020 August - Updated "Zanzibar Mehfile Private"
2020 August - Updated "The Incomparable Mohamed Rafi"
2020 August - Updated "Remembering Music Maestro Naushad"
 2020 July - Updated "Reminiscing Christmas Time"
 2020 July - Updated "Reminiscing Easter Time"

 2020 July - Updated "The Zanzibar Revolution From The Indians' Perspective
 2020 July - Updated "The Tanzanian Independence Day"
 2020 July - "Daressalaam Through The Changing Times"
 2020 July - Updated "Tribute to Jameel Yusuf Kermali (Kabana)"
 2020 July - "Zanzibar's Mysterious Nai Misid"
 2020 July - "The Zanzibar Khoja Nasser Noormohamed Dispensary"
 2020 June - Africa Federation "The Zanzibar Khushali Bankro"
 2020 May - A Tribute To Mu'alim - Abdulrasul Bandali
 2015 - "My Zanzibar Recollections" Published Book
 "A Tribute To My Mother"
 Zanzibar - Khoja Shia Ithnasheries
Zanzibar - Nai Misid Hujjatul Islam Jamaat
Chehlum in Zanzibar
 Forum (Nov 2007)
 Abdulrazak Fazal Own original Website Home Page




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