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Collection of Zanzibar Videos 

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Click below to view 2020 June Africa Federation's Telecast Video on "Unguja Yetu"

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October 2020 - 5 FREE Places to visit in Zanzibar Stone City
2020 JULY EID AL-ADHA in Zanzibar: Video 1 and 2
2020 August Fordhani Zanzibar
Trip to Zanzibar - The Spice Islands
What a Day Looks Like Living in Zanzibar

2018 Zanzibar Visit

Holidays in Zanzibar


Zanzibar Stone Town

Zanzibar Fordhani

Zanzibar Food Videos

Zanzibar Photo Essay

Zanzibar Town Taxi Ride

Sunset Zanzibar Nungwi Beach

Zanzibar and the Mwaka Kogwa Festival

Zanzibar 1963 Election

Zanzibar Commentary Speech

Zanzibar - 1964 Revolution Story
 1964 Zanzibar Genocide: Politics of Denial - 50th Anniversary

Zanzibar - Old Footages

This was after the death of Seyyid Khalifa
bin Harub and  when Seyyid Abdullah was
sworn in as a Sultan of Zanzibar.

Tanganyika Zanzibar Union

Zanzibar 1960

Zanzibar - Unguja Yetu song


Afrasia Memories in East Africa


Zanzibar Hindu Festival




 Click here to view Nasir Fazal's Zanzibar video collection  

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