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  Photos Scanned And Provided By Shenny Dungersi of UNGUJA TRADING CO.


  Shenny Dungersi's - Federation Samachar Photos

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  1. Late Ghulamhusein Chagpar, 2.  Late Taki Nurmohamed    3.  Late Hussein Jeraj    4. Jaffer Nurmohamed     5.  M'jaffer Khakhi
6.Fidahusein Rashid Moledina    7.Late Hussein Visram   8.  Ramzan Karim    9 Late.M'jaffer H.A.Janmohamed   10.Taki Bhanji
11 Late. Haje     12. Late Akber Peera    13. Late Gulamabbas S.Ganji    14.Late Ebrahim Karim    15. Late Hussein A.B  16. Late Jaffer Store
17. Late Akber Karim   18.  Late Abdulrasul Merali Dewji   19.Late Amir Nurmohamed   20. Late  Kermali Sheriff Jiwa  21. Late Abdulrasul
Nasser Virjee    22.Late Mulla Hassanali  23.  Late Abdulhusein Nurmohamed.  24. Late Pirbhai Visram    25.  Late Jafferali Merali (Mapero)
26.  Late ..? Sachedina    27.  Late Ahmed Lakha
Sitting on ground   1.  Raza Nurmohamed    2.  Anwer  (Saroti)


A rare picture
Ayat Khui is second from left, and his illustrious student,
Ayat Sistani is far left – from the late 1930s I think


Abdulhussein Nurmuhamed 


In 1880 Nurmuhamed Kalyan travelled to Zanzibar from Hindustan to establish himself.  His family was one of the first ones to come to East Africa .  After 10 years he left Zanzibar and migrated to Kenya . 

Murrabbi Abdulhussein was born in 1901 in Zanzibar after acquiring the basic education there, he went to Mombasa . Within two years, he established “M/s A.H. Nurmohamed & Co. Ltd” which is well known in East Africa . 

In 1922 he got engaged and married in 1926. 

He served for 13 years in the Managing Committee of National Congress and Indian Association, whilst serving as Secretary for the associations; he was then elected as President of Indian Association up to 1948. 

He was one of the elected board members of Mombasa Municipality from 1939 – 1955.  In 1950/51 he served as the Vice President of Municipality.  He was also a member of Kenya ’s Board of Commerce and Industries. 

Furthermore from 1948 - 1950 he rendered his services as a President of Federation of Chambers of Commerce of East Africa. 

Due to his ill health after serving for 16 long years, he had to resign from the board of businessmen as well as Municipality 

Murabbi Abdulhusseinbhai is the President of Pandya Memorial Society.  He is even a member of Managing Committee of Coast Subsidiary Hotel, Kenya Maize Marketing Board, East African Tourist Travel Association and Mombasa Muslim Institute. 

In 1958 he was nominated as a member of Kenya Legislative Council and in 1960 he was elected in the Kenya Council of state. 

Murabbi Abdulhussein serves the Community too.  He had served as the first President of the Federation of KSI Jamaats of Africa from 1946 – 49 and again from 1952-58.  During these years he improved the state of the Community and devoted for the betterment of Africa Federation. 

Considering his services the Federation honored him as a life time Councilor. He is a member of the Education Board in Mombasa. 

Translated by F. Ali 

Extract from Trade Directory 1960


27.7.64 - Volunteers at the Opening of New Mosque at Lindi L-R Seated: Ashik Esmail, Mustafa Dhanji, Mohamed Kamu, Kamruddin Khaki, Kassam A Kassam, Mustafa Pirmohamed, Murtaza Hemraj, Akber Hameer Standing: L- R: Gulam Manekia, Gulam Kara, 2unknown, Sadiq Esmail, Gulamasger Sumar, Jaffer Hameer, Gulamhussein Hameer, Mohamedali Rajpar (Jamat President), Jaffer Mehdi, Roshan Hameer (Jamat Secretary), Roshan P Ladha, Safdar Jaffer,Roshan Gangji, Mohamed Bhimji, Asger Juma



The above picture was circulated last week and we have received the details as follows: 
Songea in early 1960s 

Gulamali bhai Abdallah, Pyarali Bhai Nagji, Ladhu Bhai Bhimji, Ramazan Bhai Moloo, Mlna ?,Gulamali Bhai Jadavji Dhanji, Mlna ? Sherali Bhai Kassamali Jeraj, Alihussein Bhai Nasser, Somji Bhai Tarmohamed






Well known by the name of H.K. Jaffer.  He was born in Pangani a small town of Tanganyika on 4th December 1896. 

In 1923 he was the agent of an insurance company in Uganda by the name of South British Insurance Co Ltd.  Since then he has been very supportive and serving the Community in different ways. 

In 1946, he was the first nominated member of Uganda Legislative Council and a non-official member in Uganda Executive Council. 

In the 1948’s 2nd Conference, Uganda Legislative Council nominated him in the East Africa Legislative Council. 

Due to his contribution of social services, the British Government honored him with the title C.B.E 

He whole heartedly gives his dedicated services up to date.

 His services rendered to our Shia Ithnasheri Community is noteworthy and unique, he also served as the Vice President of Supreme Council from 1955- 1958.  Jinja Jamat benefits from his warm shadow and devotion.

Translated by F. Ali
Extracted from Trade Directory – 1960


Mwanza Jamaat delegation to the Supreme Council Meeting in Arusha. – 1970s
Pictured from left to right are: Rafiq Dhalla, Hassan Karim, Roshan Mamdani, Mulla Asgher M M Jaffer, Unknown, Gulam Hussein Sumar,
Nizar Jiwa Hasham, Gulam Kara and Azad Poptani

Picture Courtesy of Shabir Mamdani 

BACK ROW Left to Right: 1st- Late Mohamedalibhai Sheriff Jiwa / 3rd - Mohamed bhai Dhirani  / 4th -Late Ahmedbhai Sheriff Dewji  
MIDDLE ROW Left to Right: 3rd - Late Syed S Akter Rizvi / 4th Sh Muhammad Qasim / 5 th - Syed Sajjad Hussein /
6th - Late Hassanalibhai Visram / 7th - Late Alibhai Sheriff Dewji (Bwana Ali)
FRONT ROW Left to Right : 1st Late Syed Ansar Husseien Naqvi / 2nd - Molvi Ali Muhammad / 3rd Sh Gulam Rasool Najafi / 6th - Late Alibhai.Mohamed Jaffer / 7th - Late Syed Murtaza Hussein Rizvi / 9th - Late Agha Mehdi



   1943 - Zanzibar - Volunteers - Husain Day marking the 1300 century of Hazrat Imam Husain(A.S.)

Standing left to right: Adulrazak A. Dewji; Shenny Champsi; Hussein Jaffer Hirji(Jaffu Msumari); Yusuf H. Juma; Akber Kermalli.

Sitting left to right: Fateh Ali Jessa; Mohamedhussein Ahmed(Kokoni); Takki Adbulrasul Champsi; Jaffer Chandoo; Maalim Mohamed Jivraj; Sheni Mussa Gulamhussein(Chinani); Hassanali Janmohamed (Kiskoli); Ahmed Abdarab Ali Dungersi; Yusuf Ali Nathoo.

Sitting on the ground left to right: Raza Nasserali Fazal; Hamdu Ali Nathoo.

In Saff: Left to Right: Yusuf (Askary’s brother), Babu Kakla, Unknown, Maalim Rajabu, Unknown

Standing L to R:  Hussein Dostmohamed Nathoo, Pyarali Giga, Yusuf Alloo, Yusuf’s brother, Mr. Kanji






Anyone with details on these Photographs is requested to provide



Anyone with details on these Photographs is requested to provide


Anyone with details on these Photographs is requested to provide



 1932 - Mombasa - Opening Ceremony of the then newly built tennis courts at the Ithna-Asheri Sports Club

Opening ceremony performed by G. A. Dhatoo, who is seen standing at the center table. Various local dignitaries were present at the reception. Among the elderly community members seen in the picture are Abdulla Kanji, Valimohamed Ladha, Hussein Sheriff Dewji, Mohamedali Dhala, Mohamedali Meghji, G. A. D. Musa(Mulla Bishon), H. N. Jagani, Jaffer Mawji and others. (Interesting to observe the type of cars that were in use at that time!)



 1932 - Pemba - Our Community Members

This is a 1932 picture of our community in Pemba provided to us by the courtesy of Alhaj Najafbhai Tejani. The original photograph has faded but we have tried to reproduce this to the best possible quality. Individuals in the picture could not be identified in person. Those who feature in this photograph include Hassanali Mohamed Walji, Mulla Hassanali Dori, Habib Hasham Chatoo, Rashid Allarakhia, Mohamed Shivji, Mohamed Allarakhia Janmohamed, Abdulrasul Nathoo, Mohamedhusein Habib Hasham Chatoo and Abdulrasul Walli Khatau.


 1969 - Kilimeru Gymkhana - League Trophy Winners

A group photograph of Kilimeru Gymkhana dating back to the year 1969 when they won the league trophy the very first time they participated. Sitting (from left to right): Bashir Tejani, Amirali Somji, Noorali Jethabhai, Ali Sheriff, Shakir Moledina. Standing (left to right): Late Azad Kermalli, Habib Yusufali (current Jamaat President), Anverali Panjwani, Late Raza Versi, Hussein Walji, Late Yusuf Sheriff, Raza Pyarali and Late Bashir Lalji.

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