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During the 15 yrs. career (1972 to 1986) in the National Team, I had the opportunity of traveling extensively to other countries in East Africa and Central Africa for Cricket Tournaments. The most popular tournaments in East and Central Africa, which is played on National Level, is known as Quadrangular Tournament which is an annual event. The participating countries were Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia but in 1980 or 1981 Kenya became directly affiliated to world cricket body leaving only four countries as participating teams in the tournament. Besides playing in Quadrangular Tournaments, I had also chance to play on National Level against Nigeria National Team, clubs from India, M.C.C. "A" and Combine Minor Counties from England when they visited Dar-es-salaam.

During my career in the National Team I had the opportunity of leading the side as captain for 4yrs. (1977,1984-1986). In 1984, Tanzania won the East and Central Africa Cricket Championship after 16yrs under my captainship. In the same year, I was awarded National Player of the Year.

                          1972 Quadrangular trip to Nairobi Tanzania National Team.

Standing From L To R : Alu Visram, Aunali Chandoo, Yusuf Dhalla, Mohamed Nathoo, Yusuf Kabana, Amir Yusuf, Praful Mehta, Babu Chohan, Shiraz Sumar, Ramnik Volumbia and Vasant Tapu.

Sitting From: L To R : Hatim Goribai, Rauf Daud, Firoz Gowa, Pranlal Divecha, Firoz Dawoodbhai and Taher Amiji.


1977 - Ndola, Zambia - Tanzania National Team during the Quadrangular Tournament.

Standing L to R: Raza Virji(Umpire); Yusuf Somji; Juzer; Kutbudin Dossajee; Hatim Karimjee; Subash Rathod; Chandrakant Rawji; Jitu Patel; Ranjit Bhatia; Kazim Lakha and Umpire from Kenya.

Sitting L to R: Mohamed Gowa; Taher Amiji(V Capt.); Babu Chohan(Coach); Mohamed Nathoo(Captain); Raza Kara(Team Manager); Ramnik Valambia and Zulfiqar Yusufali.

1977 - Ndola, Zambia - Group photo of Tanzania and Zambia National Teams.


1977 - Ndola, Zambia - At the Quadrangular Tournament.

L to R: Raza Kara; Mukund Patel & Hitesh Patel(resident of Ndola) and Mohamed Nathoo


1977 - Lusaka, Zambia - Quadrangular Tournament Match between Kenya and Tanzania.

L to R: Mahmood Qureshi(Kenya-Captain); Raza Kara(Tanzania-Team Manager); Ashiq Hassan(Kenya-Team Manager) and Mohamed Nathoo(Tanzania-Captain).


1977 - Municipality Ground - Lusaka, Zambia - Toss of coin between Captains of Kenya and Tanzania.

L to R: Mohamed Nathoo(Tanzania-Captain) and Mahmood Qureshi(Kenya-Captain).


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