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SPORTS - Club Level - Local - 1980s (Page 5)

Union Sports Club Cricket Championship celebration at the boarding house in Dar-Es-Salaam in1980.

Top photo : Mohammed Nathoo receives Best Batsman Trophy from Br. Sadiq Somji at the reception, Br. Mohammed Hasham is in the middle at the top table.

Bottom photo : Al Haj Gulam Jacksi congragulates Mohammed Nathoo for the achievement, Br Yusuf Dhalla then Chairman of the club is in the middle.

The club will always cherish the memories of its dedicated members-:

1. Marhum Sadiq Somji, be-side being a fine sportsman he was also a good administrator he held the post of the Chairman of the club in1978. For this particular function he attended, despite being very sick. He had to be helped and carried from the car.

2. Marhum Al Haj Gulam Jacksi was an ardent supporter of the club and never used to miss the club’s matches on Saturdays and Sundays as a spectator. At times when his health was not normal yet he was there on the cricket ground.

3. Marhum Yusuf Dhalla held the post of Chairman of the club for several years and taken active part in the youths body ( Ithnashery Union ). He was the longest serving Chairman of the club. Even when he was sick, he used to attend AGM meetings of Ithnashery Union and Union Sports Club.

A colourful ceremony was organized by Union Sports Club at Boarding House in Daressalaam in 1984 to celebrate the Cricket Championship for Union A and Union B in the first and second division respectively. The guest of honour at the ceremony was Iranian Ambassador for Tanzania, Hujjatul Islam Agha Mohammed Ali Lavasani. Various sportsmen were awarded for their fine performances during the season. They were:-

Union Sportsman Of The Year : Sajjad Lakha.

‘ A ‘ Division Cricket

Best Batsman : Mohammed Nathoo

Best Bowler : Kassim Bhimji

Best Fielder : Mustafa Alloo

Best All-rounder : Bashir Tejani

‘ B ‘ Division

Best Batsman : Ibrahim Jivraj

Best Bowler : Jimmy Peera

Best Fielder : Husein Datoo

Best All-rounder : Akhtar Nayani

‘ C ‘ Division

Best Batsman : Arif Hooda Best Bowler : Jameel Kermali Best Fielder : Ibrahim Datoo

Best Union Supporter : Mohammed Virani 

Top photo : The ceremony commenced with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Murtaza Roshan Master. At the top table L to R – Rafiq Somji (Master of Ceremony), Muslim Jivraj(Treasurer Union S.C.), Aalim (Son-in-law of Agha Lavasani), Husein Peera (Chairman Ithnashery Union), Mohammed Nathoo (Secretary Union S.C.), Maalim Ahmed Issa (Interpretor of Agha ), Agha Lavasani (Iranian Ambassador), Habib Mulji (Vice-Chairman of Africa Federation) and Gulam Janmohamed (President DSM Jamaat).

Bottom Photo : Rafiq Somji (Master of Ceremony) addresses the function.

Jimmy Peera receiving Best Bowler award for ‘B’ Division from Agha Lavasani.

Husein Datoo receiving Best Fielder award for ‘B’ Division from Al-Haj Habib Mulji.

Arif Hooda receiving Best Batsman award for ‘C’ Division from Al-Haj Gulam Janmohamed.

Ibrahim Datoo receiving Best Fielder award for ‘C’ Division from Al-Haj Husein Peera.

Asgher Dhanji (Squash-Capt.) receiving Best Squash Player award on behalf of Munir Daya from Al-Haj Mohammed Nathoo.

Mohammed Virani receiving Best Union Supporter Of The Year award from Agha Lavasani.

Yusuf Kabana receiving award from Agha Lavasani.

Amir Yusuf receiving award from Agha Lavasani.

Liakat Alloo receiving award from Agha Lavasani.

A closing speech of the ceremony by Mohammed Nathoo (Secretary of Union S.C.)

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