<<Also i do not think that you and many friends out there would like the idea of forever chasing, water which comes muddy any way....>> 

It seems Daressalaam has reached its saturation point. There is one hell of a water crisis here. I doubt if the forum members are aware that we are going through a severe shortage of water in Daressalaam. It is chaotic and the situation totally confusing. The local authority DAWASA (Dsm. Water & Sewerage Authority) has leased the facility to a foreign based company 'City Water' so that it could provide better services to its citizens. Ironically it has made a mess of it and things worsened. 

Poor house maids with their buckets queue up outside the mosques and public places to fetch this essential requirement. Imagine the state of their physique as they carry the buckets all the way and then climb up the stairs. Whatever little water procured is then given scarce allotment - bath, washroom, cloths and utensils. 

The vendors take advantage of the situation and make a living out of it. Although water then becomes available at a cost its source is not known. At times you could buy muddy and contaminated water. Bottled mineral water is purchased for drinking and cooking which proves expensive for the lesser privileged. 

Many have stored 2000 lt and 5000 lt plastic holding tanks to store water. Others resort to unlawful means by connecting water pump to the main water line and extract whatever water is available. Borehole business is in demand. Almost every building strives to bore wells and the cost shared by tenants. 

We are underdeveloped not for nothing. You consider yourself lucky not being here.



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