<<Although impossible to resurrect that time past but now at least an opportunity to wallow in nostalgia as a recompense.>> 

I'm in a bit of a mess without my computer; it has been one hell of a time. My Dell 2002 model motherboard needs to be ordered from the States and it may take 2 to 3 weeks before it reaches here. Just yesterday managed one on rental basis and kept awake beyond midnight to read the postings on the website.             

Friends, thank you very much for your kind words. I'll be emailing you personally. Your speech was wonderful, and equally remarkable was our friend’s response. If only we'd more of such humanitarians the world would be a different place altogether.             

Your travelogue subsequent to those of other members is another stunner. Somebody aptly put it that you've a brilliant knack of telling stories. I really enjoyed the narrative of your visit to K.Rustomji and your adventure on a Virar bound train from Churchgate.             

Your description of K.Rustomji was so vivid that I could visualize the 'patra' hanging on its entrance, the fridge with those bricks of ice cream and customers relishing ice cream with wafer. On my last visit to Bombay in 1991 I'd put up at 'Chateau Windsor Guest House' beside Ambassador Hotel (opposite Brabourne Stadium/K.Rustomji) to relive the past. I'd made it a point to drop into K.Rustomji daily after my dinner around there. My favorite is also 'pista-badam'.             

You probably let your wife travel in a different compartment (ladies) as it inconveniences ladies in such packed gents' compartments. Anyhow, bhabhiji being Wilsonite must be well versed in the ways of Bombay and used to its strange behaviour. Wilson boasted of smart girls. Mostly E.A. girls stayed at the ladies hostel opposite Chowpaty. What a beautiful place! We often visited St. Andrews and Mckinon which were the boys' hostels along there.             

Is Satkar the same as before? How much does a thali cost today? Which other restaurants did you go to? Did you see 'Black' or any other movies in the theatres? What about Gujarati nataks and musical programs? It seems you were putting up at a relative's place in Khar. Linking Road is just around there, another of those gorgeous spots. I'm sure you'd taken a stroll along there in the evening.               

The passengers in the Borivali/Virar bound locals are real fun to be with. At times they even bring 'tablas' and it is then music galore. Let us hear more of Gujarat/Saurashtra part of your travelogue. Traveling by train to these places is a lifetime experience. India will always remain in my heart.



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