<<Abdulrazak's exchanges about Churchgate and its various mouth watering establishments have evoked memories of my own which I think are worth sharing.>> 

That was a breathtaking description of Churchgate. Earlier your travelogues on Eastern Europe and Cuba were equally masterpiece. 

The grandeur of Victorian architecture in Bombay is also evident at Victoria Terminus Station (VT-beautiful structure), Times of India Building, Crawford Market, Opera House and so many other places. 

I wish you'd experienced 'train travelling' in Bombay. The sight of commuters rushing up and down at Churchgate and VT railway stations is baffling. It is said that Bombay's commuting system (its trains and those BEST buses) is the best in India. If time permits, make it a point to travel by train from Churchgate to Borivali (also suggested by others). You may also take Bus No. 123 and 106 from Churchgate. The 123 route will take you to Tardeo via Marine Drive and Chowpaty while 106 takes you all the way to Malbar Hill (hope the routes/nos have not changed). Let us hear from you then. 

Talk/Top of the Town was on the corner beside Brebourn Stadium/Sea Green Hotel and opposite Ambassador Hotel. The Cinema opposite Churchgate Station was Eros. There were a number of other cinema houses around there (Fort, Colaba) which used to screen English films only - Regal, Strand, Sterling, Excelsior, Empire, Metro. The cricket stadium opposite Eros was 'Oval Maidan'. There was Azad Maidan also around there which was said to accommodate a large number of cricket teams and formed the venue for Bombay's Kanga Tournament. You could also see 'Gujarati/Parsi (Adi Marzaban) nataks' around there at Patkar Hall, Bhirla Hall, Jai Hind, KC etc. 

Volga at Flora Fountain was opposite Akbaralys (Bombay's famous Departmental Store). It was a popular joint for students from the nearby colleges ie Xaviers, Elphinstone, Sidharth. But Bombay then, as you rightly put it, despite its hustle and bustle had a gentle charm and that is what made us curious and enthusiastic about it. 



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