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Lindi Notes - General - Hostel

Foundation Laying Boarding House Lindi

Centre: Rashid Versi - President; From L-R Abdalla Sumar 2. Abdulrasul Walli Khatau of Mingoyo (father in law of Jaffer Jusab Jaffer) 3. Mohamedali Visram (step father of Pyarali Shivji) (4) Chacha Paryani  (5) Mulla Mohoro – Abdulhussein Mulji, (6) Partly hidden between Mulla Mohoro and Husein Bhojani is Abdulhussein Hasham Bhoga – Mustafa Tingu’s father, (7) Hussein Bhojani, (8) Partly hidden between Hussein and Ramzan Bhojani is Mulla M. P. Daya with black cap (9) Ramzan Bhojani (10) Akber Rajpar (?) (11) Mohamedali Rashid Alidina (12) Fidahusein Fazal Rawji, (13) Partly hidden with visible neck tie is Gulamabbas Jusab Jaffer (14) Murtaza Nanji  (15) Rafiq Hemraj – Todi (16)  Ramzan Dinani (17) Gulam Fazal Rawji (18) Jusab Jaffer

2010 - Khoja-Shia Ithnaasari Students' Hostel


Boarding House

Lindi, being a centre for best schools in the surrounding regions, attracted a lot of students of the migrant community.

In 1960s, there was a Ismaili hostel at Mtanda Hill; a hostel at Hindu Mandir and a new Boarding House built in 1958 for Ithnaasheri students.

Previously, Ithnaasheri students lived in the 3-roomed house attached to the mosque under supervision of Teacher Khwaja. This house was previously occupied by Habib Sachedina (1940s) and later on by Fizzabai (1960s), the two Gullu Juma sisters (1970s) and Abbas Khimji (1990s).

Mulla MP Daya was supervisor at the Ithnaasheri Hostel in 1960s He was later followed by Mohamed Khan (?) who also taught Std. 8 students during night classes in preparation for territorial exams as they were then called. Now they are called Secondary School Entrance Exams.

A lot of stories were heard from those living in the hostel - mostly pranks on each other and even with the supervisor. Mulla Saheb was strict with morning Namaz as everyone had to go to the mosque. You could see students in pyjamas, sleepy-eyed but attending the morning prayers. You also heard of brave escapes by students who wanted to go to movies at night - re-entering the Hostel through the front balcony upon return from the movie as the main door would be closed.

Community Guest Houses:

Ithnaasheri Musafarkhana: This was constructed by Haji Mohamed Jaffer Hassam in 1933, and renovated in 2006 by his grandson Mustafa Rajabali Jaffer (Sabodo)

Hindu Guest House - Pathikashram - was on the first floor of the Old Hindu temple. Mrs.Vasantben Vyas, a teacher, was staying there with her daughter Kussum & son Anil. Late Jiwanbhai Thakor (Priest) with his wife Vijyamasi stayed there too. Currently, Vijyamsasi is at Mehesana (Gujarat) staying with her nephew. Anil and Vasatben are in London - Wembley (Source: Jayanti Patel, Bharat Naik)

Bharat Naik Anil and Vasantben are now in London - Wembley.


A list of some of the students who lived at the Boarding House:

Abdulla Walli
Akber Jaffer Rajani
Aliraza Rajani
Anver Dharamsi
Asger Dhanji
Aziz Rajani
Bashir Karatela
Bashir Walli
Gulam Zinje
Habib Kanji
Hasnein Kara
Hassan Kilombero
Iqbal Dharamsi
Kamruddin Khaki
Mehboob Jaffer
Muslim Dharamsi
Muslim Rajani
Mustafa Jaffer (Tofla)
Naushad Abbas
Naushad Rajani
Nazir Sacarani Osman
Nurdin Kanji
Raza Kanji
Shabbir Bora
Shabbir Rajani
Shafiq Bora


Courtesy: Muslim Rajani




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