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Photos Scanned And Provided By: Mustafa Pirmohamed
Email: mpirmohamed@gmail.com


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The aim of this collection of photos and articles is to recollect the life of our migrant community in Lindi from pre-1940 till the present time. Apart from recollection and reminiscence, efforts will be made to include current photos and articles.

Whether you were born, lived or studied in Lindi; had parents/grandparents from Lindi or are simply nostalgic about Lindi I would appreciate if you could contribute by way of photos and articles. The whole of the Southern Province of the 1950's which currently consists of Lindi, Mtwara and Ruvuma regions would be included in our definition of ‘Lindi’

We wish to record history so that it is not lost. You may even submit articles giving a recollection of your own past involving your childhood, your school or working life. We hope you will be able to connect with friends and colleagues found in the photographs carried in here. Hopefully, we will endeavour to trace our ancestors' lives and times.

For those wishing to connect with friends and colleagues from Lindi and view more photos, you may wish to join the Lindi Tanzania group on Facebook.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mahmood Fazal who has given me space on his website to post photographs and articles about Lindi. He has spent a lot of his valuable time uploading photos and notes and has tolerated my frequent requests for changes in content, format, etc. When I first found his website in 2007 I was amazed at the historical records he had collected about life in Zanzibar, his hometown. This prompted me to start looking for records for Lindi and I must thank him for giving me this impetus.

I will appreciate if you can sign my Guest Book with your views and/or recollections.



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