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  Photos Scanned And Provided By Shenny Dungersi of UNGUJA TRADING CO.


  Shenny Dungersi's - AASHURA & CHEHLUM Photos - Page 1

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First Julus Dsm 1950



1976 - Zanzibar



April 2004 - Chehlum in Zanzibar

Seen in the photo are the Chairman of the Africa Federation Br. Zulfikar H. Khimji and our own muunguja Br. Murtaza Bandali (UK).


      1960s - Aashura in Zanzibar


      1970s - Aashura in Dar-es-Salaam - outside Mehfile Abbas


1960s - Zanzibar - Chehlum Procession.

See if you can recognise around the front area of the Procession: Fateh Ali Jessa; Shenny Dungersi; Ahmed Dungersi; and Maalim Abdulrasul Bandali; Ashik Bhaloo


   1960 - Zanzibar - 10th Muharrum Ashura Procession.


   1960 - Zanzibar - Girls with Taboots going through the narrow Zanzibar street.


Moharram in Zanzibar

Who these people are and when it was taken is a mystery. Must be 60 to 70 years old


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