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Akbaraly Nasserali Fazal


Young Akbaraly N. Fazal Photo                           


Akbaraly's Corner Store - Dar-es-salaam

   September, 1996 - Inside "Akbaraly's Corner Store" in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania


Akbaraly N. Fazal - Msasani, Dar-es-salaam

   6:20 am July, 1998 - Daybreak drill - Msasani Area - Alyhassan Mwyinyi Highway, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania


Grandfather Akbaraly N. Fazal

   December 1998 - With grandchildren - ArzinaAbyadh, Anar, Irfan and Mohamedhussein
Akbaraly's own words - "In the whole world, there is no juice.......like MADAFU
- natural, divine, sweeten & filtered. That is why little Hussayn is crying for a sip".
 Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania


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