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Photo put together by Fazal (Baplo) Mohamedali Fazal and noted as:
"June 1970 - All those who died in the boat accident in our family - Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania".



May 31 2020:
Noorali (Nunu) Nasser's Face Book "50th Anniversary of Dar Boat Accident" - Click here to visit Nunu's Face Book



May 31 2020:
Email received on 50th Anniversary on Sun, May 31, 2020, 9:11 AM Kassim Manji <khmanji@gmail.com> wrote:


1. The boat was hired and not owned by Amir Jessa
2. I do not think it is correct that the boat could accommodate only 10 people.
3. Search started at night. One private boat to search left around 11 pm. This boat was owned by Abdul Haji of Haji Brothers - (an Ismaili) who owned a shop opposite Askari Monument. He went with Haider Rajpar from Sweden. We were also at the prot from 10 pm with Husseinbhai Nasser then the President of Dar-es-salaam Jamaat.
4. The boat was recovered and found upside down and contained the bodies of Sakubai Sukarimawe and Sugrabai Jessa and Yasmin Jessa.
5. The Government sent a naval boat to search for survivors.
6. Zaffar's body was found next day near Zanzibar.
7. Only two bodies have not been recovered, Chacha Ibrahim and his daughter Sukaina.
8. One survivor reached his home at Maghrib time and went to sleep without informing anyone.

With Salaams and Duas

Kassim Manji



December 2005:
Received more information on missing names and details on the above photo from Mohsin Jessa, brother of Riyaz and Naushad, all of Toronto, Canada as follows:

On the left is my mother Zainab Jessa (daughter of  Mohamad Raza Fazel of Mombassa and Aminabai daughter of Mohamed Ladha). Behind my mother is my sister Yasmin bai Jessa. At the front of my mother (with her hand resting on the shoulder) is my sister Anar bai Jessa. And in the lower left corner is my sister Tahera bai Jessa. To the right of my sister Anar bai is my Grand Mother Sakina Jessa (AKA Saku Sukari Mawe) from the (Habib Kassam Manji family of Tanga). Ibrahim Kassam Manji was my Grand Mother's brother so was Habib Kassam Manji. To the right of my Grand Mother is my Aunt Sugra Jessa (wife of my uncle Amir Jessa). To the right of my Aunt is Muzaffar Manji. To the right of Muzaffar are the two children (brother and sister) of Daulat Bai - Abdulhussain M. Bandali and Zainab M. Bandali. To their right is Sukaina Baker Bhalloo (daughter of Baker Bhallo).

May Allah rest their souls in Heaven. Amen!   

Mohsin Jessa 

December 2005:
Received message from Ashiq Kermalli <akermalli@netzero.net> as follows:
Assalamu alaikum,

You have recalled for me personally a very tragic incident which I still remember. I am personally affected as all the sisters of Mohsin and Sukaina Baker Bhaloo were my students. I was teaching Swahili at coaching class in Daressalaam. I recall this incident as it helps me in dealing with trauma patients in hospitals. Allah (SWT) gives me courage because of this experience which was so tragic that to date many of us cannot let go completely. My brother
was a witness to this. Him and I were the first ones to go with the search party.

May I request us all to read one Sura-e-fateha and give the thawaab of this recitation to all the departed and beseech Allah(swt) by the intercession of 14 Infallible Ones (a.s.) to continue to give strength and patience to all the family members. Aamin.

Iltemase Dua
Ashiq Kermalli




I have recently managed to get some details from one of the volunteers that participated in the recovery of bodies from the sea and from one of the survivors Murtaza Pyralli Rustom both of Toronto, Canada. Brief details obtained:

Details of the boat:
The boat was a wooden one, which was operated by a motor attached to it. The boat was not recovered and no one appears to know what happened to it. It was understood at that time it could accommodate up to 10 persons. The boat was owned and operated by Amir Jessa.

Details of trip:
Group of 20 went to Sinda Island i.e. 4 -5 kms from Dar mainland for picnic outing. On the way back from the resort island, boat capsized due to windy storm resulting in rough seas with huge waves. The route taken on the way back was different from the one used to go to the resort island. It happened on Sunday 31st of May, 1970.

How many died:
Fourteen people died (per photo above). Among names known from above photo are:

1. Ibrahim Kassam Manji
2. His wife - Fatma(Baby) (Mohamedali Fazal) Ibrahim Kassam Manji
3. Their baby
Ibrahim Kassam Manji's son Muzzafar
Fazal(Baplo) Mohamedali Fazal's daughter Zainab (who was just under 5 years old - click here to see 4th birthday photo).
6. Zainab Mohamedhussein Jessa
7. Sukaina Mohamed Baker Bhalloo
8. Sugrabai Jessa (Wife of Amir Jessa. Daughter of Nazarali Nurmohammed of Tabora)
9. Sikinabai Sherali Jessa (Saku Sukari Mawe)
10. Tahera Mohamedhussein Jessa
11. Yasmin Mohamedhussein Jessa
12. Anar Mohamedhussein Jessa
13. Abdulhussain Mohamedali Bandali
14. Zainab Mohamedali Bandali

How and when did the accident occur:
Accident occurred late evening hours on Sunday and therefore no search could be done until following Monday morning. After Fajr prayers team of volunteers headed for the seafront shore and with help from police steel boats and other private boats - (TIPER (Italian Refinery in Dar) and a government/police helicopter and a small plane, which conducted aerial search that guided these boats.

Bodies recovered and burial:
All bodies recovered were buried on Monday June 1st, 1970 in the afternoon/evening hours (except for Muzzafar Ibrahim Kassam Manji - was recovered and buried on Tuesday) at same cemetery at different spots that were available at the time. Both Mefaleh Abbas and the main Dar mosque were used for Ghusal (washing) and prayers. Bodies not recovered were of:
Ibrahim Kassam Manji and Zainab Mohamedhussein Jessa.

How many survived:
Six people survived:
1. Sikander Abdulkarim Dewji
Makbul Rahim
3. Murtaza Pyralli Rustom
4. Mohamed Jamal
5. Amir Jessa
6. Amir Jessa's African Servant.

All swam to another nearby island except for Sikander Abdulkarim Dewji who actually swam back all the way to the Dar's mainland coast.

Local newspapers coverage:
Kenya's Daily Nation had coverage and showed a photograph of Amir Jessa's African servant who managed to swim to another nearby island using an empty gas tank as a floating device. There was also an article in our own community's African Samacher.

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