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Provided By: Jaffer Manek FCCA FCEA
Director, Affilica International

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Travel notes and photos - Shamba to Matemwe, N E part of Unguja Island, Zanzibar

These two photos are of the beach at N W of Unguja Island, where the rocky coves are

A friend of mine invited me on a trip to their plots at the beach on N E of the island. Fantastic beach, pristine, powder white sand, reef about a mile away, breeze, no stink. Wow!

In the evening, they took me to Mercury's seaside restaurant in stone town. It turned into a joke as I said to the waiter I want "Kuku Pakka" which means "Chicken Cat"! :-) I ordered kuku wa kwapaka.

360 degrees view at north east of Unguja Island of Zanzibar

From the beach at low tide facing the house on the beach - what a shamba

Looking to the left - northwards - at low tide the water moves far out

View from the shamba house - someone cycling home

Ungarao on the water's edge at low tide - has a triangular sail when in action, no petrol or engine needed

Looking to the right - southwards

A little guesthouse nearby

View from the restaurant hut at the guesthouse - this is where you can have your breakfast and dinner

Mohamed Lodhi talking to a friend in Matemwe

This youngster, about 14 years old, has climbed up this tall tree to drop some madafu for us to drink
How many youngsters do you know who can climb up so far with only a foot strap?
Health & Safety Laws in the West would prevent such skills

The same tree - can you see the young fellow?

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