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  Photos Scanned And Provided By Shenny Dungersi of UNGUJA TRADING CO.


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1966 - Zanzibar - Group of friends


19?? - Zanzibar - Maulidi at Yusuf Parpia

Standing Left to Right: Jusi(Barber - Saloon Mkunazini); Ahmed Dungersi; Shenny Dungersi(back); Bashir Abdulrazak Dewji; Gulamabbas Nathani(Bacha).

Sitting Left to Right: Abdulhussein Nathani; Lookmanji; Abdulrazak Dewji; Ahmed Sultan Nathani.


Early 1960s - Zanzibar

Left to Right: Shenny Dungersi; Ibrahim Jivraj; Murad M.M.D.Kermalli; Amirali H. D. Kermalli; Gulamabbas Nathani(Bacha); Hassanali Peera Ukera(Miwani); Hussein M.D. Kermalli; Abdulhussein Nathani; Ahmed Sultan Nathani; Ahmed Dungersi; Babu Saleh Alarakhia.


Zanzibar - Early 1960s - Group of friends

Left to Right:; Sajjad Mussa Gulamhussein; Ahmed Dungersi; Suchak; Ahmed Sultan Nathani; Mohamed Akber Takim; Kazim Nathani(Maalim Miya); Shenny Dungersi; Murad M. M. D. Kermalli; Gulamabbas Nathani(Bacha).


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