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  Photos Scanned And Provided By Shenny Dungersi of UNGUJA TRADING CO.


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1958 - Zanzibar - ESM School with some recognized faces - Head Master Mr. Arjani (centre); Teacher Mr. Hassuji; Jaffer Taki Teacher (sitting); Sultan Kermalli (2nd row far left standing); Mohamed Takim (2nd row far right); Mohamed Lalji (far right back); English Teacher Std 7 & 8 Jaffer Ebrahim (at centre standing)



1964 - Zanzibar - Gamal Abdul Nasser School/Seyyid Khalifa Secondary School



1956 - Zanzibar - First batch of students at Seyyid Khalifa Secondary Technical School at Beit El Ras.


December 1962 - Zanzibar - King George's Secondary School

Standing left to right: ?????; Jaffer(Joni) Kermalli; ?????; Mohsin Alidina; ?????; ?????; ?????; Nisar Sheraly.

Sitting left to right: ?????; ?????; Agha Ahmed Marashi; ?????; Bashir Tejani.


       1969 - Zanzibar - Group of friends

Muslim Dungersi; Mohamed Bachoo (Showboat); Shenny Dungersi; Gulamabass Nathani(Bacha)



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