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By: Maggie Thomas - March  2008

Click here to view Yusuf Kassam's - Poem "Paradise Lost"


Return To Africa -


Strange that a country not of my birth

Should mean this to me

Should tie me with invisible bonds

And draw me back constantly

With a fierce demanding jealousy.

So that the soft and gentle hills of home

Make but small impression on my heart

The swirling mists, the magnetic hearth,

Release the spirit they surely have the right to claim,

To speed away with each yearning breath of mine

'Til body follows spirit...home.


I spent 6 years as a child in Zanzibar and return when I can; still love it. We lived in the building which became St Joseph's School (my first) and is now Tumekuja High School. Am now well and truly Canadian.
- Maggie Thomas


Unguja Yetuu


Click here to view Yusuf Kassam's - Poem "Paradise Lost"

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