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Short History Of Shias in Zanzibar by Agha Mehdi
Paradise Lost: Poem by Yusuf Kassam
ZANZIBAR: A complex past, a troubled present
Coming out of the shadows
Toronto Star's recent article on Zanzibar's "Legacy of the Sultans"
Very interesting site on the history and the 1964 Revolution of Zanzibar.


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 Write up on Zanzibar

 Zanzibar - Khoja Shia Ithnasheries
Zanzibar - Nai Misid Hujjatul Islam Jamaat
Chehlum in Zanzibar
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Provided by Albimany of Washington DC, USA (Email:ALBIMANY@aol.com):

"Tanzania Taking A Left Turn" - Special Report prepared by C.I.A dated May 21, 1965
Zanzibar - Historical Events 1900-2000



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