Jan 2002 - Visit to Zanzibar

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Popular Buildings of Zanzibar - Page 2 of 3


Kaburija house

At Kaburija house (There used to be Mti Wa Mbuyu in the middle)

Other side of Makaburini (behind Msiqiti Ya Jumaa) next to Mohamedraza Hassanali's and Abuloo's family house

Mamalindi house.

Front side of M. D. Kermalli(Msingi) Building

From Makaburini - the back side of M. D. Kermalli (Msingi) house

Another view of the front side of M. D. Kermalli (Msingi) Building

Mafal Ya Bibi Zainab(AS)

Mohamed Doo family house.

Back side view of Msiqiti Ya Jumaa and M. D. Kermalli (Msingi) Building

Mulla Bank house - where a lot of us went for Quran classes.

Side view of Mulla Bank family house.

Near the Hindu Bhatia's house.

Near Hassan(Tori) Jaffer's family house.



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