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(Apology in using nick-names due to easy identification of personalities).


Holding the flag Amir Alimohamed ( Marhum Amir Futo) left and Marhum Bashir Kassamali(right) Habib behind him is Mohamedalibhai Jivraj. Carrying the board is Marhum Abdul Biremi. The first on lookers Mohsin Manji Haji (right) and Chichi Mamado(left).

Holding Zuljanah Raza Karimbox(right) and Mohamedhussein Kokoni(left)


Marhum Ahmed Dungersi reciter holding book and Yusuf Juma (right).

Babu Kakla holding "alaam" (left), Murtaza Bandali reciting "nauha" and Maalim Miya(left).

Marhum Jaffer Chandoo reciting "maataam" while Ahmed Juma(Kakai) in the "saaf". Behind from left to right Marhum Ahmed Abdulhusein Walli, Marhum Anwer Ladha, Abdulrazak G.Jaffer and Marhum Jaffer Peera(kuku).


Marhum Jaffer Chandoo reciting nauha in the saaf.



Yusuf Juma reciter, behind Mohamedhussein Kokoni(right) Hussein Dharsi(left).


Golo Saleh holding zuljanaah.



Anwer Ladha approaches aalam Anwer Thawer (hand on the cheek).



Marhum Hussein Daud (kadudu) holding zuljanaah, Golo Saleh with rope and Akber Jessa holding white cloth.


Mataam Njiani front row from left to right Murtaza G.R.Jaffer, Sultan Damji and Marhum Gulam Dhalla.


Walking in Mataam Njiani Akber Jessa(left), Hussein Dharsi(middle) and extreme left near aalam Marhum Ahmed Dungersi.


After majlise community members are having tea at chungani.



After juloos reaching at chungani and majlise completion community members having tea. L to R standing Akber Jessa (second) Marhum Fida Rashid(Fee Rashid with white shirt) and Golo Saleh(extreme right).


At Sabil-e-Huseein-Kiponda standing Marhum Hassan Dharamsi (Marhum Pope son extreme left), Sheni Dungersi (with dark glasses extreme right) and sitting on the bench Fida Manji.



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