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The New School Faize Building was inaugurated in the year 1956/57. That made the School Faize(old) to be shifted from the building adjacent to Khoja Shia Ithnasheri Kuwatul- Zanzibar Mosque to the building opposite Imambarda and Mosque(on behind-part) at Kiponda Street. The school was then used for the secular education to have been known as Ithnasheri Secondary School and then re-named as Kiponda Secondary School after 1964 Zanzibar Revolution. As per information gathered the school was built by Al-Haj Husein Dharamsi Gangji of Zanzibar.

Inauguration Ceremony of the school in 1956/57.

Extreme Row left visible: Abdulrazak G. Jaffer, Gulam Karim Alarkhia and Fida Rashid (Mulla Lindi).

Front Row visible: Taki Ismail (Bata), Anwer Husein Alarkhia and Muslim Dungersi.

Among the audience during the inauguration.

Al-Haj Ahmedbhai Lakha and Seyyid Jabir Hassan (Resident Aalim of Kuwatul-Jamaat during the time).

Behind in vision Fida Rashid (Mulla-Lindi) and Anwer Husein Karim


The first row from left: Karim Alarkhia.

Second row opposite: Mohamedali Rhemtulla Fazel, Haji Nasser Thawer (with black cap), Gulamhusein Walli Khatau, Gulamhusein Rajbali Jaffer and Mohamedalibhai.

Behind the second row: Husein Nazerali, and Fazel Meghji(with jinnah cap).

In vision Ahmed Dungersi.

Second row : Dipu and Gulam Pirbhai ( Biriwalla)-extreme right

(Apology in using nick-names due to easy identification of personalities).

On the front row : Ismail Thawer (Ismail Bhajia), Abdallah Bhaloo (Baab-Shamla) and Chacha Gulu.

On the back row from L to R: Mohamedali Abdulrasul Alidina (with white cap), Husein Karim Alarkhia, Mohamedhusein Peera Hirji, Mahmood Sheriff Dewji, Mohamedali Hasham Chatoo (Malaika), ????, ???? and Asgher R. Suleiman.

(Apology in using nick-names due to easy identification of personalities).






Zanzibar - Early 1960s One of the functions at M.D.Kermaliís shop in Zanzibar.

Al-Haj MD Kermali (host) receiving one of the guest Al-Haj Bha Mzee Chandoo. Among the guests who are visible Husein Dostmohamed Nathoo (with dark glasses) and Taybali(with suit) of First Permanent Housing Society-Zanzibar.







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