Photos Scanned And Provided By: Mohamed Nathoo

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One of the Tanganyika Packers Ltd. staff (Amir Chagpar-2nd from left) Wedding Reception at Diamond Jubilee in Dar-Es- Salaam 1971.

Enjoying dinner in one of the Union’s Function at the Boarding House in DSM in 1978.

From L to R : Azim Gulamali, Murtaza Datoo, Murad Kermali, Liakat Alloo, Mohamed Nathoo and Sikander Fazal(with spects.)

It is very delicious that what Sadiq Champsi says to Saleh Jacksi and Mohamed Nathoo at Africana Hotel in DSM 1981.

Enjoying dinner at Africana Hotel in DSM 1981.

From L to R : Mohamed Nathoo, Saleh Jacksi and Husein Jagani.

Picture taken at Agha Mahmood’s residence in Tehran on 25th March 1982.

From L to R : Kassamali Bhaloo, Mohamed Nathoo, Murtaza Jaffer, Agha Mahmood and Agha Mohammed.

Enjoying the summer in London in July 1991.

From L to R : Abass Manji, Kazim Nathoo, Mohamed Nathoo and Husein Mawji.

In Aqsa – Jerusalem - October 1994.

From L to R : Rizwan Mamdani, Murtaza Dharamsi, Mohamed Nathoo, Sadiq Tejani, Gulam Bhanji, Pyarali Karim and Husein Hirji.


Top Photo: With Ian Botham and Viv Richards at Madame Tussaude-London in June 1992.

Bottom Photo: With Boris Becker at Madame Tussaude-London in June 1992.




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