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on Alhaj Mulla Asger M M Jaffer by Hassan A M Jaffer (Mombasa)
in Toronto Star June 2002 on Salim Sachedina
in The Times of India re: Zanzibar's Desis
Mohamed A. A. Khalfan on Family Tree
Karim Bharij on "East African Indians".
Klaus de Albuquerque's "Colonial Kenya - a radically stratified society"
Khatib Rajab Al-Zinjibari's "In Search Of Ethnic Identity Through...."
Ukerabhai Kassamali Gulamhussein Peera's "Ithna-Asheri Jaher Thaya" and "A Federation That Was Still Born"


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to download and view slide show on History of Khojas by Hasnain Walji
letters from Mohsin Jiwa on his East Africa's trip



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