Photos provided by Yusuf & Taheer Kassam of Toronto, Canada.

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M. D. Kermalli House and that famous huge old tree from "Majanini and Jumma Mosque" area.

On the left, part of that famous huge old tree from "Majanini and Jumma Mosque" area going towards Forodhani.

Tembo Hotel in the Shangani area. The church in the background.

Different views of the spectacular Beit El Ajeib and surrounding areas (Forodhani, Old Fort ......).

Peoples' Palace area.


The building with blue windows is the Orphanage. The tunnel underneath leads to the other side from Forodhani to the hill that goes up to the Post Office and Shangani area.

Forodhani German area.

The State House

Approaching Zanzibar by Speedboat. The red roofed building appears to be the State House which is in the V. I Lenin hospital area.



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