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Lindi Notes - Jamat - Jamat History

It has been reported that in 1906 the Ithnaasheri community’s population was 200. The names  of few of the traders at that time were as follows: Ali Walli, Kassamali Walli, Esmail Haji Khimji, Jaffer Najak, Moledina Karim Waaras, Alidina Walli Khaki, Gulamhussein Remtulla Pardhan, Alidina Mohamed Sajan, Moledina Mohamed, Gulamali Jaffer, Moledina Sumar, Allarakhia Sumar, Murji Moledina, Hirji Merali, Taalab Dossa, Jaffer Premji, Pirmohamed Janmohamed and Mulla Esmail Gulamhussein. Remtulla Abdulla, a prominent trader from MIkindani regularly came to Lindi during Muharram, as did several traders from nearby smaller towns.

The Masjid and Imambara were built in 1901. The Masjid was demolished and rebuilt in 1964 by contractor Gulamhussein Moledina Manji (babukishoto) under the Presidency of Mohamedali Rajpar.

The Shia Ithna-Asheri Musafarkhana was built by Haji Mohamed Jaffer Hassam in 1933, and renovated in 2006 by his grandson Mustafa Rajabali Jaffer (Sabodo)
The building in the Cemetery was built in 1901 and renovated in 1979 by H F Khaki & G J Sumar. In 2006 the boundary wall was renovated by  Mustafa Rajabali Jaffer (Sabodo). Further renovation work was done in 2011.


It is reported that the first President of the Jamat was Hamzaali Noormohamed in 1924. Abdulhussein Sachedina was Jamat Secretary. At that time membership fee was 1 Shilling per year.


Haji Mohamed Jaffer Hassam, a great philanthropist, donated to the Jamat the Musafarkhana, Madressa and the house he lived in after his death. He also donated Dar es Salaam Boarding House.


The boarding house was constructed under the Presidency of Haji Rashid Versi in 1957. He was the longest serving President of the Jamat - 27 years.


Abdulhussein Sachedina was the first Jamat Secretary. It is said he had the only radio in town in 1940s and people would flock to hear world news from him.


Abdulhussein Shaaban (Abhu) almost served his whole life in Lindi as Chithi writer with his beautiful Gujarati writings.  Chithis are written in Gujarati and making rounds house by house.


Apart from Musafarkhana and Madressa, the Jamat owned 4 buildings in 1960s : Mohamed Jaffer House, Boarding House, Golfa House (Bachupira) and Husseini Trust Building (Natex). Gulambhai Khaki had donated a house in Ndoro in1980s which was later sold by the Jamat. Kulsumbai Salehmohamed Hassam and Sakinabai Hussein Chikundi had donated their house near Sokoni during 1990s. Also the land behind the kitchen (former Fazal Rawji and nearby buildings) was donated during 1990s by Gulambhai Ladhu.


Source: Trade Directory;  Hussein Kalyan; Gulamasger Sumar




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