Jan 2002 - Visit to Zanzibar

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Near Jaffer (Tinchar)'s family house

Around Kinchwa Taa(old hydro plant)

Another view of around Kinchwa Taa(old hydro plant)

Near Mamalindi house

Near Sheriff Dewji's house

Near Sheralli Thaver's home

Near Nisar Hussein Sheraly family house - Mtendeni

Another view of Nisar Hussein Sheraly family house -Mtendeni

Noorali Jessa's family house.

Baraza behind Bha Mamdhu (MD Kermalli) house where Ramazani, an old man, used to stay. There used to be a roof over the baraza. Most of the time he used to do a lot of stitching. When we used to be around the area playing "kidandi" and "gololi"(marbles), we all assisted threading the needle for him!



Any ideas - where this place is?

Near Sakuji's house

Sheralli Thaver 's old bedroom window

Outside Sheralli Thaver 's chome




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