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Friends group photograph at Mterezeni-Forodhani in Zanzibar 1968.

From L to R : Mohammed Dungersi (Mummy), Amir Jaffer(Kiguru), Mohammed Nathoo and Sheni Jacksi.

Waiting to enjoy mohogo ya kuchoma at Golo Buji shop near Baraza Ya Mamwaro-Kiponda in Zanzibar 1968.

From L to R: Murad(Mshambara), Sheni Jacksi, Mohammed Nathoo, Amir(Kiguru) and Mohammed (Mummy-standing on baraza).

Refreshing with madafu near market in Zanzibar 1968.

Walking through crowdy Mbuyuni-Ngambu in Zanzibar 1968.

On picnic at Chwaka in Zanzibar 1968.

Standing- From L to R: Mohammed Dungersi(Mummy), *Ajey, Amir Jaffer(Kiguru), Mohamed Nathoo, Sheni Jacksi and *Eeshu.

Sitting- From L to R: Gulam Dedhar and Akber Sivji.

* Ajey and Eeshu of United Trading Co. Zanzibar.

Sailing on ngalawa at Chwaka- Zanzibar in 1968





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