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At Bagamoyo beach in 1969.

From L to R : Murad Hassanali, Liakat Khimji, Sheni Jacksi and Mohammed Nathoo.

After Khushali Ceremony at Imambada in DSM in 1970.

From L to R : Sheni Jacksi, Liakat Khimji, Ibrahim Fetty and Mohammed Nathoo.

During the Wedding of Liakat Khimji on 7th August 1971 in Dar-Es-Salaam.

Standing from L to R : Sikander Khimji, Ibrahim Fetty, Murad Taki Dactar, Gulam Mulla Lindi and Gulam Dedhar.

Sitting from L to R : Ahmed Biremi, Mohammed Nathoo, Liakat Khimji, Sheni Jaffer and Raza Lakha.

From L to R : Yusuf Dhalla, Rafiq Pirmohamed, Sheni Jaffer, Sabir Dhalla, Mohammed Nathoo, Liakat Khimji and Yusuf Kabana.

During the Dudh Piu of Liakat Khimji on 6th August 1971.

From L to R : Akber Dhalla, Gulam Dedhar, Ahmed Biremi, Rustam Hasham(Lushi) and Ibrahim Tejani.

From L to R : Amir Yusuf, Yusuf Kabana, Akber Jaffer, Mustafa Haji(Musti) and Bashir Tejani.



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